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Architectural Design

The term “services architecture” refers to the planning, designing, and managing of service systems. This includes everything from the arrangement of furniture in a room to the layout of a city. In short, services architecture is the art of making places work better for the people who use them.

Interior Design

Interior design is a important field that should be given the attention it deserves. It is a complex field that incorporates many different aspects, including architecture, psychology, and art. A well-designed space can enhance the user's experience, while a poorly designed one can cause problems.

Exterior Design

Our team of experienced architects and designers will work with you to create a custom exterior design that reflects your unique style and personality. We will also work within your budget to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money.

Projects for structural engineering

There are many different types of projects that structural engineers can work on. Some of the most common types of projects include: Residential buildings, Commercial buildings, Industrial buildings, Institutional buildings, Bridges, Dams, Tunnels

Projects for installations and equipment

The architecture of a building can be defined by the materials that are used in its construction. The design of halls and industrial equipment is often very important because it can affect how people work in the space. The design of halls and industrial equipment should not be taken lightly. It has to be functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Scale models, presentations, promotion files

Presentations are a very important part of architecture and design. The presentation is made up of drawings, images and text that highlight the design and features of a project. Presentations can be used during meetings with clients or investors

Sketches, studies of location

Sketches, studies of location are usually done to explore architectural ideas and concepts. They are often done in the early stages of a project in order to gain a better understanding of the space. Architecture sketches can be drawn by hand, or they can be made on a computer using programs such as AutoCAD. Sketches are usually not meant for construction purposes, but rather for conceptual design and exploration.


Documentation for obtaining licenses and permits according to the laws in force, and the checking this licenses and permits. This documentation must be prepared by the person or company that is interested in carrying out the work. It must include: - The license or permit that authorizes the execution of work in a specific field, issued by a competent authority. - A copy of the certificate of competence to carry out the type of work to be executed. - A copy of any other document required by law, which may not be necessary for certain types of work.

Consultancy and technical assistance

Technical assistance refers to the provision of help, advice, or information on technical matters. Technical advice and support, Technical evaluation, Technical information, Technical training

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